…...I'm being so free                                                                                                          


To quote Heinrich Böll: “Liberty will never be given, always only won”.


Dear friends of my art,

In this sense I'm taking the liberty to win you for my catalogue project 2017.

The creative accomplishments of 17 years – in one volume, illustrated and bound with over 300 pages, supplemented by an additional text booklet in 2-3 languages.

The project will be financed through pre-sale of 120 limited edition book-cassettes with a very special highlight: Each cassette contains 1 original oil-collage that can be looked at here and reserved by e-mail.

With the purchase of my limited edition you are not only supporting the project, but in addition to the catalogue get as well 1 unique oil-collage at a lucrative price. Isn't that a win-win situation?

Simply cast a glance at the following pages and mail me which work or works you have chosen. Many thanks.

► Edition: travel memories Nr. 1 - 40
► Edition: travel memories Nr. 41 - 80
► Edition: travel memories Nr. 81 - 120

Contained in the supporter limited edition:

  • 1 original oil-collage on hand-made laid-paper (appx. 20X20cm.) with a value of 450 Euro.
  • 1 catalogue book (over 300 pages 32x34cm.) in German, hand signed with reference by name of the edition supporter in the expression of thanks.
  • 1 text booklet in English, French, and possibly Chinese.
  • This is all bordered in a high quality book cassette.
  • The subscription price is 390 Euro.