Dear Friends of my Art

The time has finally arrived.

Meanwhile the catalog comprises two volumes which will cost appx. € 35,000., which can go into print this year. The number of helping friends who through purchase or donations has increased to 70. That is a huge success. I am extremely pleased that this project could be realized only through contributions of friends and collectors without government assistance, without the support of galleries or other institutions.

The crowdfunding action isn’t finished and participation is still possible. Up to the 1st of July 2019 you can acquire an edition at the subscription price of € 390, and – or one set with two hand signed catalogs at a subscription price of € 59.

If you choose to purchase an edition you will find the available works on the following pages. Simply take a good glance and mail me the works number. E-mail…. or come to the Friendly Society and choose the original you personally like.

► Edition: travel memories Nr. 1 - 40
► Edition: travel memories Nr. 41 - 80
► Edition: travel memories Nr. 81 - 120

If you want to purchase a catalog set (€ 59,) in the advance sale send a e-mail to


Contained in the Limited edition:

  • original catalogue on hand made laid paper (appx. 21X21cm.) signed, dated with a value of 450 Euro.
  • two catalogue books (each with appx. 180 pages 32x34cm.) in German, hand signed with a reference by name of the edition supporter in the expression of thanks and their comments about Christian Heinrich or his art.
  • one text booklet with text translations in English or French.
  • all of this in a slipcase.


Subscription price until the 1st of July 2019:

  • Edtion: € 390
  • Volumes I and II hand signed (catalogue price in double): € 59

Prices after publication and availability in book shops:

  • Edtion: € 499
  • Volume I/II (catalogue price individually): € 39
  • Volume I and II (catalogue price in double): € 69
  • Volume I and II hand signed (catalogue price in double): € 79
  • Booklet with text translations probably € 10

Info to Crowdfunding catalog project 2019: Download-PDF