Dear friends of my art,

You are on my crowdfunding page and have the opportunity to support me with the realization of my catalogue project – creative accomplishments from over 18 years.

Without the help of you the project, a catalogue volume of over 330 pages can’t be realized. Hence I hope very much that I can inspire you for the project, and that you contribute a little sum at your discretion. Therefore there will be several possibility's available later. Ranging from a hand signed catalogue to a t-shirt with a Christian Heinrich print.

Still first of all I would especially like to make my long standing friends and collectors of many years a very special offer. For € 390 you will receive one of the 120 exclusively for this project custom built book cassette in which one original oil collage (ca. 20X20cm. with a value of €450), and a hand signed catalogue volume with reference to you by name as well as a text booklet in English and French.

Naturally the advance sale and payment only takes place when the total sum which is required for the printing of the catalogue is reached, presumably in September 2019.

On the following pages you will find the art works which are still available. Simply cast a glance upon it and mail me the works number, or come in the Friendly Society and personally look for the original yourself.

Many Thanks, thank you in advance.

► Edition: travel memories Nr. 1 - 40
► Edition: travel memories Nr. 41 - 80
► Edition: travel memories Nr. 81 - 120

Contained in the supporter limited edition:

  • 1 original oil-collage on hand-made laid-paper (appx. 20X20cm.) with a value of 450 Euro.
  • 1 catalogue book (over 300 pages 32x34cm.) in German, hand signed with reference by name of the edition supporter in the expression of thanks.
  • 1 text booklet in English, French, and possibly Chinese.
  • This is all bordered in a high quality book cassette.
  • The subscription price is 390 Euro.